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Nov 30 2016

Residential Shredding - Yes We Do That!


Chelmsford, MA | November 30, 2016: Our customers are often surprised that we offer our pickup shredding service for local area residents. While each of these jobs tend to be smaller in volume, they make up for it on overall percentage of sales.


For large vendors like Iron Mountain and Shred It, it all comes down to route density. They would rather stick to heavily populated routes because that's how they make the highest return per job. But smaller competitors like Shred a Box are not as married to daily routes so travelling outside our immediate area is not something we turn away from.


Plus, there is a high demand for residential shredding so we are eager and ready to service a market in need. At home businesses are on the rise, working from home is more common, preparing for a move, closing a business, or cleaning out a home after the death of a loved one are all examples of residential shredding generation.


We have picked up as far away as Cape Cod, made Saturday pickups for urgent jobs, and we'll pick up shredding for just 1 or 2 boxes. We also offer local drop off shredding as another option for residents with locations in North Andover and Malden, MA.


Laura Heffernan
Vice President
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