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Nov 02 2016

Shred a Box Partners Up With Shred Nations


North Andover, MA | November 2, 2016: For immediate release: Shred a Box has partnered with Shred Nations, a nationwide referral service for local shredding companies.


Here's how it works. Customers looking for a local shredding service submit their inquiry to Shred Nations. If the inquiry falls within our offered shredding services and geographical area, Shred Nations notifies us to contact the sales lead and provide a quote.


Shred Nations works only with regional shredding companies rather than corporate giants like Iron Mountain and Shred It as a way to promote small business and quality service. Their website accurately explains how small businesses rely on word of mouth and quality service rather than brand name recognition which translates into a better customer experience.


For more information about Shred Nations, please visit:


Laura Heffernan
Vice President
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