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Aug 29 2016

Choosing a shredding service thats right for you


North Andover, MA | August 30, 2016: When it comes to figuring out the best way to get senstive documents shredded, there are several factors to consider. Let's break it down for you.


Shred at home or hire someone?

If you have more than a few documents to shred at once, at-home or in-office shredders tend to take lots of time, make a mess, jam up and even burn out after extended use.


Use a local company or a large brand name?

Large name shredders like Iron Mountain and Shred It survive on their name recognition. They do not need to rely on quality service, showing up on time or being available to answer questions. Smaller local companies, however, live and work in your neighborhood and instead of brand recognition, they rely on word of mouth to make sales. This means quality service, attention to detail and steller customer service is what drives them.


What about drop off services like UPS and Staples?

These options are pricey and generally cost $.89-$.99 per lb. The reason is that UPS and Staples outsource the shredding to large shredders like Iron Mountain, Cintas, etc. So in order for both companies to make a profit, they need to charge a higher price than if you went to the shredding company directly. Most local shredders offer their own drop off service for much less.


Cross shredding or strip shredding?

Cross shredding is much more secure than strip shredding which can leave sensitive information intact like account numbers, routing numbers, DOBs and SSNs. Be sure your vendor uses cross shredding technology.


Does your vendor shred your entire box unopened?

This one is important - many vendors open your box and empty it prior to shredding which means your personal data is seen and touched by someone who works there. Sometimes, material is even hand sorted into different grades prior to shredding to maximize its value on the back end. Ask your vendor what their policies are. Shred a Box is one of the few that shreds your entire box unopened.


Are certifcates and/or videos of destruction offered?

Most vendors offer certificates of destruction but Shred a Box is one of the only ones to email you videos of destruction providing visual confirmation that your material was properly destroyed.


Read their online reviews ahead of time

Seeing what others have to say about their experience is the best way to get an honest opinion. You may be surprised at what you find.


Laura Heffernan
Vice President
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