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Make sure all that sensitive data on your old hard drives is properly destroyed! Your order comes with a USPS flat rate box with imbedded RFID chip and a prepaid return shipping label. When received, assemble your box and fill it with up to 2 desktop hard drives or up to 4 laptop hard drives. Seal the box shut and apply the provided prepaid return shipping label. Schedule a pickup or drop it off at your local post office and you're done!

When we receive the box back at our facility, we will scan its unique RFID chip, degauss your drives and then crush the drives rendering them completely unusable and 100% unreadable. We record the destruction of your drives as they're being destroyed in our industrial NSA-certified DataDestroyer crusher and then send you an email alert with links to the destruction video and certificate of destruction. The crushed material from the old drives is then recycled. Protect your personal and business information with this secure and convenient product.

Please Note! Shipping and handling is already included in the price of $16.95 per box. You will not be charged any extra shipping fees with this product.

Box Details:

  • Fold over design offers quick and easy setup
  • Security tape for sealing box when full
  • RFID chip linking your box, video and certificate to your online account

Your Order Includes (per box):

  • 1 imbedded RFID chip
  • 1 instructional insert
  • 1 prepaid return shipping label

With Your Order, You Will Receive:

  • Secure degausing and destruction via an NSA certified industrial crusher
  • Email alert upon destruction (per box)
  • Video of destruction (per box)
  • Certificate of destruction (per box)
  • Free online account

Box Specifications:

Box Type US Post Office Priority Mail  Flat Rate Box - Small
Dimensions 8-5/8"H X 5-3/8"W X 1-5/8"D
Return Shipping Weight Up to 70 lbs.
Capacity Up to 2 desktop hard drives or 4 laptop hard drives
This quantity is too large for an online purchase. Please contact us and a member of our customer care team will be happy to assist you.